Learning Chinese Slows Down Brain Aging

Stay Young By Working Out Your Brain

Latest research shows that learning a new language strengthens your brain and the more you do it, just like physical exercise, the more you build up your “brain muscles.”  In 2014, researchers at Penn State University studied 39 native English speakers’ brains over a six-week period where half of them learned some Mandarin characters.  Those who learned more successfully shows a more connected brain network than the less successful learners and those who didn’t participate in the learning.

The more interesting finding is that the successful learners had a more connected brain network than others even before the research started, showing that a continuously learning brain is more flexible, efficient, and adaptive to learning a new language.  The researchers concluded that, regardless of the age of the learner, learning a second language can improve one’s brain structurally and functionally.

In other words, learning a new language can “lead to more graceful aging.”  Who doesn’t want to age gracefully?  So start learning Chinese today with our free lessons… designed to help you pick up Mandarin just like native kids do.  While the program is designed for kids, it works just as well on people who are “young at heart”!


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