10 Traits That Require ZERO Talent

A year ago, an image listing out the “10 things that require zero talent” went viral on social media.  The Little Chinese Readers team loved it so much that we have it printed and hung on our wall — both at home and at work.  We truly believe these traits will determine our kids’ stance in life, both professionally and personally.  Hence, we’ve decided to translate these into Mandarin and include a simplified printable for anyone who’d like to hang this at home too.

1. Being on time 誠信守時 (诚信守时 chéng xìn shǒu shí)

2. Work Ethic 敦品勵行 (敦品励行 dūn pǐn lì xíng)

3. Effort 努力不懈 (nǔ lì bù xiè)

4. Body language 肢體表達 (肢体表达 zhī tǐ biǎo dá)

5. Energy 保持活力 (bǎo chí huó lì)

6. Attitude 樂觀進取 (乐观进取 lè guān jìn qǔ)

7. Passion 滿腔熱忱 (满腔热忱 mǎn qiāng rè chén)

8. Being coachable 虛心受教 (虛心受教 xū xīn shòu jiào)

9. Doing extra 勤奮多做 (勤奋多做 qín fèn duō zuò)

10. Being prepared 充分準備 (充分準备 chōng fēn zhǔn bèi)

Download Printables below:
Simplified Chinese (with English) Version
Traditional Chinese (with English) Version
English Only Version

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