What do each of the Zodiac animals mean?

Every year, you will probably hear someone talk about the Zodiac animals. But did you know that each of the different Zodiac animals mean something for the people born in those years? For example, if you are born in the Year of The Pig, you will likely adopt the characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac pig. There are 12 Zodiac animals, and you can find your Chinese horoscope here!


People born in the Year of The Rat are likely to be well-liked and energetic. They are quick and intelligent, but they may hoard too much, especially when it comes to money.


Oxes are hard-working and reliable people. Even so, they remain humble and don’t ask for praise. But their downfall is that they are too stubborn around people.


Tigers are brave and independent, always seeking a new adventure. They will always exude confidence, but this may get out of hand when they become arrogant or boastful.


While the rabbit can be perceived as weak, they are confident and strong inside of their fluffy exterior. They are perseverant, but they can also have a problem talking about their insecurities.


The mighty dragon is honest and powerful. They are confident and are able to reach success in any field that they choose. But their desire to remain independent can hurt them.


Snakes are smart and cool-headed. They’re not afraid to open up with deep conversations about life. While they may appear to be relaxed, they are always alert and ready on the inside.


Like the animal, horses need space and freedom for their energetic personalities. But this may also be their weakness, as they are likely to use too much energy and overwork themselves.


Goats are strong, and are the perfect friend. They will always focus on others and help others get through difficult times, but as a result, they can sometimes forget about themselves.


Monkeys are intelligent and lighthearted, and this helps them get through life. They can sometimes come off as arrogant, but they will always listen to advice and criticism.


Roosters are serious and devoted, and often seek validation for their hard efforts. But this can often be misinterpreted as showing off or being standoffish.



Like the animal, dogs will be loyal and honest. They often have a lot of anxiety, but usually are able to remain cool-headed and make rational decisions.


People born under the Year of The Pig will enjoy good fortune. Pigs achieve their goals by working hard and not giving up.  2019 is the year of the pig – learn more about the characteristics associated with the zodiac Pig in this article.

The Chinese Zodiac is an intricate and fun part of Chinese culture. Discover many more like it, and start by learning the Chinese language! Want to know where these twelve animals came from?  Read the origin story here.

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